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Mechele Armstrong
Settler's Mine 6: The Rogue

Publisher · Loose Id
Release Date · September 2010
eBook ISBN · 978-1-60737-855-6
Print ISBN-10 · 161118360X
Print ISBN-13 · 978-1611183603
Genre · SF/Futuristic
Length · Novel

Princess Arianna's brother is missing, lost in the dangerous brothels on Chombay. She can't find him alone so she hires a legend to help. When they meet, their heartstones glow. The legend -- the Rogue, a man called McTavish -- is her mate.

Decker's been studying McTavish from behind a desk for years. Catching him is his chance to earn a much-desired promotion in the Union Alliance. Then the Queen, Arianna's stepmother, who is responsible for the prince's disappearance, contacts him with a deal: find her son before McTavish does and use him as bait, and she'll make sure he gets that promotion. Except...

Decker can't stand her actions against her son and turns on the Queen. He contacts McTavish and Arianna to make a deal. The biggest surprise when they meet isn't that he plans to go through with it. It's that his quarry and the princess are his mates.

On the run from a vicious queen, the three must learn what can bond a princess, a law man, and a rogue... in order to save their lives and the throne.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).

Settler's Mine 6: The Rogue

Reviews and Awards
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Reviews and Awards

Passionate Plume finalist 2010 CAPA Nominee

A finalist in the futuristic/fantasy/sci-fi category of The 6th Annual Passionate Plume contest!

The Rogue won a CataNetwork/Sensual Reads Reviewers' Choice Award for 2010 in the Fantasy category!

5 Ravens! "Whew... okay first things first, Settler’s Mine 6: The Rogue should come with a warning. Hang on to your seat, because you’re in for a whirlwind adventure. Ms. Armstrong should be seriously writing for Hollywood. This book has it all, evil villains, and loving but desperate princess, the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold, and slightly stuffy but sexy desk jockey who wants nothing more than to chuck the desk and work in the field so he can catch the bad boy. [...] I highly recommend this book to any person who likes fast paced, action filled, high tempers and steamy sex beyond belief. This is definitely gone on my keeper shelf!"
—Tamara, BlackRaven's Reviews

5 Stars! "Danger and passion are a sizzling combination and together they lend this story a depth that sparks the imagination. Mechele Armstrong has proven time and time again that she can create a story that captivates the imagination. In The Rogue, we get one more example of her writing brilliance. This is another story not to be missed and it just leaves you wanting more Settler's Mine stories. As an avid reader, I can not wait for more stories in this fascinating series of novels."
—Kimberley Spinney, Sensual Reads

5 Stars! "The world that Ms Armstrong has created is phenomenal. It has many layers and each layer has their own people and problems associated with it. [...] It was a very easy book to read because you got lost in the writing. The writing is fantastic in that it reads so easily. It just flows effortlessly from scene to scene. The characters were well described so that you got a better sense of who they are. I loved the development of the love and romance between McTavish and Ari."
—Aubreymac, The Romance Reviews GLBT

4 Cherries! "The Rogue is a book hot enough to melt Hershey Kisses. [...] The plot in The Rogue was good and fast paced with a lot of action and a lot of hot sex scenes."
—Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews


Copyright © 2010 Mechele Armstrong

McTavish stretched as he leaned back to work out the kinks in his back muscles. He'd just spent a good two hours with Sid, making sure Sid knew everything he was supposed to do. Sid had been there the longest and was the best suited to the job. He would mature into the leadership; McTavish was sure of that. No one person would have been right for it, especially to McTavish. He knew that. All he could hope was that he'd made the right decision who to hand this development off to and go on with the rest of his life.

With Ari.

His gaze sought out the woman, who had hunkered down in an old armchair. She looked almost asleep. Her eyes were closed. Heavy breathing lifted her chest up and down. Maybe she was asleep.




She'd been quiet the whole time he'd been talking to Sid. She'd left them to sit across from them. Hadn't interfered or interrupted. If he could have, he'd have forgotten she'd even been there—only he could never forget her presence. It called to him too much.

He walked over and stood above her. Looked down at that sleeping angelic face. What were angels? He'd heard the term. She must be one.


In his whole long life, he'd never had anything to call his. Not really. The place he lived was for those he rescued from Chombay. It wasn't his. His bedroom served as sanctuary during times of crowding. He'd never had anything—save his skill or the clothes on his back, which often were taken from him in the old days on Chombay or worse places—to call his own. That was different than having something to himself. Something that was intrinsically his.

He wasn't talking about owning her, because no one owned anyone else. He was talking about the intrinsic nature that she was his.

This woman had walked into his world. She needed him without even knowing it. Not just because he was her mate, but he'd seen the danger surrounding her in Isa. He'd seen death on Isa's face when she'd looked at Ari.


Only he could protect this woman from the dangers around her. Only he could take her where she wanted to be. Where she needed to be. He had a feeling no one had ever looked after her.

Looking after people was something he did well. Truth be told, he'd longed to do so for a mate. Now he had that chance. Blessed be the Fates.

He placed a hand on her shoulder. She was warm under his touch. A soft sigh emanated from her lips. Much like the one she'd let slip while they'd been kissing. The one that had made him come undone. He'd almost pushed too far last time. Sid had been the only thing that had stopped him. He was losing himself in her. Not sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

She opened her eyes. She saw him standing there above him as she focused on him, and started to get up from her reclined position. "Did Sid leave? Did I fall asleep?"

He nodded, helping her up from the chair with one motion of his hand. "Yes. Yes, he did." Renewed and full of vigor at taking on Colony. Sid would do his best. Would his best be enough? It would have to be. "Ya did fall asleep, I think."

Ari stepped to her feet and then poked him in the chest with two fingers. "What the hell are you doing?"

Well now, she was awake. And mad as hell.

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